Warmer- Mandela Black

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Mandela- Black

Our luxury electric melt warmers are perfect for when you want a show stopping decor piece in your home! Not only are these stylish, they're perfect to create the 'home' feel to every room! With a convenient switch on the cord, these are perfect for the tight, hard to reach power points!

The dish is the PERFECT size for our shot pot wax melts.

A Lil' Luxury melt warmers are electric warmers that heat scented wax (melts) to release their incredible aromas.

Some advantages of using electric warmers over tealight warmers is the safe 'no flame' option & the double bonus of having an ambient light in the room whilst getting luxurious scent throw from our wax melts. 

Comes boxed, containing warning and full usage instructions.

BONUS: 2 FREE Shot Pot Wax Melts.

Scents chosen at random.