Luxe Woodwick Candle

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Luxe Woodwick Candle
Our luxury candles have been hand poured using the finest quality soy wax blend, luxury wooden wicks and premium fragrance.
A great piece for your home, personalised with your choice of Quote!

Each candle comes Gift Boxed with your chosen quote.
380g | 60 + Hours Burn
Candle Care:
  • Be sure to allow your candle to melt fully to the edge of the tin fully before snuffing. This ensures your candle doesn't tunnel & increases burn time.
  • Trim or break off charred woodwick before each burn to ensure candle burn is clean and candle doesn't get too hot.
  • Snuff your candle to extinguish rather than blowing out to ensure wick is straight. This insures a clean burn with no tunneling.
Full warning labels on individual candles.