Laundry Crystals


Add luxury fragrance to your washing load with our Laundry Crystals. Using natural ingredients, including sodium chloride and sodium bicarbonate, in addition to our premium fragrance oils these laundry crystals will leave your clothes smelling like luxury. 


Simply add half to a full scoop to a full load of washing where the fabric softener usually goes, or half a scoop for small loads (top loader may need to use more) and enjoy luxury smelling clothes! Use more or less depending on how much fragrance you like!


Our Laundry Crystals contain no unnecessary colours, so there’s no worry about staining! Those whites will stay white!


Please note- these crystals have been tested using a front loader washing machine that uses less water than top loader machines. Personal testing for desired fragrance amounts may need to be implicated based on personal preference. 


For best results, pair with our Luxury Washing Powder, for a full clean and fragrant washing experience. 


Ingredients: Sodium Chloride, Sodium Bicarbonate, Fragrance