Crystal Gemstone Tree

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These Crystal Gemstone Trees are the perfect decorative piece for your home & alter.

Trees symbolise stability, growth & abundance. By placing a Crystal Tree around your home or space, you are inviting yourself to be surrounded by good vibes and positive energy.

Stands approx 12cm high.

Amethyst: Cleansing + Meditation
Relieve stresses +  strain, soothe irritability, balances mood swings, dispels rage, anger + fear and dissolves negativity. Use Amethyst to activate spiritual awareness + intuition, promote calm, balance and peace. Can be used to aid in a restful sleep. 
Carnelian: Grounding + Healing
A stone for grounding & anchoring you to the present moment. Is believed to restore vitality, increase motivation & stimulate creativity. Encourages positive life choices, motivation & deeper connections.
Clear Quartz: Master Healer 
Quartz is an amplifier and can be used to amplify other stones. Quartz brings balance, enhances spiritual growth, spirituality, awareness, and wisdom. It increases inspiration and creativity. It can also help with concentration, studying, and retaining information. Quartz is a stone of harmony + is helpful in romantic relationships. 

Wires can be moved/ bended to arrange branches to your preference