Aroma Diffuser- Glass Mosaic

Glass Mosaic

Our luxury ultrasonic diffusers are perfect for every home! With the ambience of the subtle coloured glow, and the impressive scent throw it is the perfect decor for every home.

Featuring 8 colour changing globe with 2 different light settings & misting settings.

Some advantages of using ultrasonic diffusers include a safe 'no flame' option like candles & the double bonus of having an ambient light in the room whilst getting luxurious scent throw from our fragrance oils.

Comes boxed, containing warning and full usage instructions.

BONUS: 30ml Diffuser Oil

Scent chosen at random.


Warning: Ensure your aroma diffuser is cleaned after each use to ensure oil doesn't affect plastic. Do not ingest liquids in diffuser. Store oils in a dark cool place.